Zoel Zohnnie



Zoel Zohnnie, Navajo, is a boilermaker (welder) by trade and an actor through passion. He was born in Tuba City, AZ, but calls the Four Corners area home. Helping others comes naturally to Zoel as he was raised to serve those in need. In the midst of the pandemic, Zoel is delivering water to those in need throughout Navajo Nation. “When I told my mom about the water campaign, she cried. ‘That is how we are raised—we were taught to be there for one another when we need to be.’” Zoel is inspired by the spirit of his ancestors, especially his father:“God  has always put someone in my life who has helped me…I want to be that for others (for His glory)—I am a vessel for His work and I strongly believe that.” Zoel’s grassroots Navajo Nation Water Campaign will continue as long as he has requests for water.

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