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Indian Country needs your help now more than ever. Support our COVID-19 Fellows today.



Native Hope's Fellowships for 2020-2021

The Native Hope Fellowship Program empowers creativity and leadership in Indigenous Peoples and their communities. The initiative creates and supports opportunities and funding for individuals to develop their vision and improve Indian Country.

The 2020-2021 Fellows are leading initiatives to deliver clean water throughout the Navajo nation, fight mental health among teens, promote and enrich Indigenous culture, and more!

We invite you to meet our Fellows.

Meet The Fellows 


May Hope Report

The month of May seemed to speed by as the team worked hard with the invaluable support of community volunteers, relatives, tribal leaders, local grocers, and donors. Overall, our team has felt inspired by the immense support of so many, and the ability to pass this support directly to places like Crow Creek, Lower Brule, Pine Ridge, and Navajo Nation.



Hope report

The Science Behind the Healing Power of Storytelling

Have you ever been so wrapped up in a story that you forgot about your worries and escaped from your troubles?

Have you ever been hungry to find out what happens next in a story about make-believe people in a make-believe place, and not understood why you’re so invested in their fairytale?

Or, have you ever been in the heart of a crisis, and someone told you a story that gave you hope and opened your eyes to the joy beyond the hurt?

If so, you’re not alone.

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The Native Story

Reflecting on Our Foundations: The History of Native American Life and Culture


The story of the North American indigenous peoples is a story of loss, hardship, violence, betrayal, and misappropriation. It is also a story of community, spirituality, diversity, honor, and resilience.


Understanding the Destruction: Native American Life Today


Native Americans today face some extraordinary challenges. By nearly every measure, social, cultural, economical, and physical, Native American communities and Native American families are uniquely and negatively impacted by patterns of struggle.


Building a Hopeful Future: The Restoration of Native American Life and Culture


Across the country, there are signs of hope transforming the lives of Native Americans. A new wave of Native voices is rising up and claiming back their own stories and the stories of their ancestors.


By investing in Native Hope today, your gift goes towards programs that offer:

  • Education and youth mentorship
  • Community outreach
  • Cultural awareness and revitalization
  • Awareness on the injustice done to Native Americans
  • Finding solutions for transgenerational trauma
  • And sustain our ability to tell valuable stories. Raising the voices of Native people, today and for future generations #StorytellingHeals


Native Hope Gear

Where Every Purchase Provides Healing

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