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Native Hope exists to address the injustice done to Native Americans. We share Native stories, provide educational resources, and assist Native communities.

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Help Native American Students and Families _____

Provide Essentials

Usually, back-to-school season means excitement for children. But, it’s also one that can bring a sense of anxiety and uncertainty for many Native families. In South Dakota, 49% of Native Americans live at or below the poverty line—making it difficult to afford essential items. Together, we can offer relief to families who need help.

The Native Story

6.7 Million Voices Unheard

After centuries of abuse and disruption, Native Americans are on a journey of cultural healing. Explore the past, present, and future of North America's resilient Indigenous peoples.

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About Us

We Inspire Hope

It's time to lift up Native voices. Through storytelling and through impactful programs working within reservation communities, we dismantle barriers and bring healing.

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Our Work

Empower Native Communities

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Community Outreach and Mentorship Opportunities

We meet with community members, listen to their needs, and mobilize resources and volunteers to take action.



We offer opportunities, support, and funding for Indigenous leaders, so they can develop initiatives and improve Indian Country.


Storytelling Heals

We share stories of struggle and hope, raising awareness about injustice and celebrating the resilience of Native peoples.

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Voices of Indian Country

Get to Know the Untold Stories

Native American Boarding Schools and Education History

Native Hope Supports World Suicide Prevention Day

Suicide Is Not the Answer: Finding Hope in the Midst of Struggle

Native American Boarding Schools and Education History

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How to Give Hope

Help Us Bring Healing

The best way to help Native American communities is to start by listening. When you give to Native Hope, your support goes directly to projects that communities themselves have identified as important. Join our family of Natives and non-Natives working toward a world without barriers.