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The Native Hope Fellowship Program empowers creativity and leadership in Indigenous Peoples and their communities. The initiative creates and supports opportunities and funding for individuals to develop their vision and improve Indian Country.

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We are working to bring back basic living necessities, such as diapers, baby wipes, school supplies and more, to Native American families in South Dakota. Your gift can help a family in need.

About Our Unique Program

Over their 12-month commitment, Native Hope Fellows receive tools, resources, and capital - $5,000 - to launch or sustain their vision of helping and supporting Native communities. Additionally, Native Hope seeks opportunities for Fellows to share their initiatives at speaking engagements, conferences, or events. 

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Current Fellows

Beverly Running Bear

Beverly teaches Lakóta language at the college and community level. She believes preserving the language for generations to come remains key to cultural preservation. 

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Yvonne "Tiny" DeCory

Tiny works to fight teen suicide, provide job readiness skills, and promote mental health awareness across Indian Country.

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Orlando Skidmore

Orlando aims to create a feature, narrative film based on the Western Apache cultural deity known as the Mountain Spirits, Crown Dancers, or as the Apache call them, "The Gaan."

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Dennis Metcalf

Dennis plans to assist with the creation of a graphic novel to promote indigenous storytelling in a positive voice for Indigenous Values.

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Jama Bourne

Jama provides meat to Elders in her community each year. A Native Hope fellowship would allow Jama to continue (perhaps expand) this tradition. Serving her community, specifically elders, allows Jama great satisfaction as most are in need of food.

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Starr Chief Eagle

Starr plans to supply dance regalia and cultural knowledge to Native American youth. She will target those who have the passion and drive to dance but do not have financial support and connections to the culture.

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Past Fellows

Zoel Zohnnie

Zoel's COVID-19 fellowship assisted him with his delivery of water to those in need across the Navajo Nation at the height of the pandemic. 

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Waylon Pahona Jr.

Waylon's COVID-19 fellowship helped him to deliver clean water to those in the Arizona Hopi Nation, where  the water supply is laden with arsenic and uranium.

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Blake Pocquette

Blake's fellowship enabled him to teach basic stunt work to Native youth and spoke about pursuing dreams in order to promote confidence.

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Nikki Lowe

Nikki Lowe's Fellowship allowed her to use her life experience as a mixed martial arts professional and BIA officer to inspire Native youth. 

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Elva Stricker

Elva aims to bridge the cultural gap between generations by helping teenage girls prepare for and experience the Coming of Age ceremony.

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Jason Goodface

Jason spreads meth awareness within his community and South Dakota, an area where drug and alcohol abuse is high.

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How to Give Hope

Help Us Bring Healing

The best way to help Native American communities is to start by listening. When you give to Native Hope, your support goes directly to projects that communities themselves have identified as important. Join our family of Natives and non-Natives working toward a world without barriers.