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Stay up-to-date with our on-the-ground work through our “Hope Reports” as we reflect upon work we have done within Native communities, highlighting programs, partnerships, and hope in action.

2023 Hope Report

January - December

Fulfilled Assistance Requests: 475

  • 775 Food Packs

  • 192 Cleaning/Hygiene Packs

When you give to our Back to Basics initiative or purchase items from our Amazon Wishlist you provide bundles of foundational needs to help Native children and families struggling. Join us to provide basic essentials such as diapers, wipes, feminine hygiene products, food, cleaning supplies, and much more to a family in need. 

Outreach runs: 30

Thanks to our partner organization, St. Joseph's Indian School, and other non-monetary donations received, we are able to fulfill larger requests for tribal communities.

GED Scholarship Updates

"That is always the hang up for most kids is paying for the practice tests and the exam so thank you so much for making this possible. This is one step closer to self-sufficiency for some of our people." - Stacey

  • 76 GED practice exams
  • 115 GED exams
  • 89 gas vouchers
  • Youngest recipient: 16 years old
  • Oldest recipient: 49 years old

Our partnership with the Lower Brule Community College in Lower Brule, South Dakota. Will assist Native youth on their first step to higher education. When you give today, your gift will help cover the cost of practice exams, exams, and travel. 

Events and/or mentorship opportunities:

  • Provided funds/supplied Christmas gifts for:

    • the Potato Creek Community
    • Cheyenne River Indian Youth Outreach
    • Lower Brule Headstart program
    • Lower Brule Boys and Girls Club
    • Crow Creek Headstart
    • Foster children with the Department of Social Services in South Dakota
    • Children from the Chamberlain community on the angel tree
  • Provided food, snacks, and supplies for community holiday gatherings. This includes supplying food items for over 450 people. 
  • Provided funds for an event for youth who have lost loved ones due to suicide
  • Sponsored food for the following events provided by The Great Plains Tribal Leader's Health Board's community programs

    • Weekly Women's Support Group for those who are victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, or human trafficking
    • Women's Conference
    • Using Dakota Knowledge for Peer Support
  • Funds for the Tokata Youth Center to be used where it is needed most
  • Funds for IYUHA AKU – BRINGING IT BACK a four-day educational camp for youth put on by Where All Women Are Honored (Winyan Wicayuonihan Oyanke) 
  • Sponsored tuition and travel fees for a local student who was selected as an intern for the National Youth Leadership Forum: Medicine in Los Angeles, CA
  • Funds for a local student to attend the High School National Finals Rodeo
  • Sponsored food and snacks for the Sexual Violence Institute 
  • Funds for the Lower Brule Boys and Girls Club Easter event
  • Funds for the Chamberlain High School Powwow
  • Sponsored conference tuition fee and travel for the Lower Brule Drug Court program
Hope Reports 

Scroll through and view our 2023 work in action.

July, August, September 2023

Over the course of July, August, and September, Native Hope has been able to provide much-needed aid to a total of 273 Native American families in multiple communities.

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April, May, June 2023

Throughout April, May, and June, we assisted 176 Native American families across several communities. These assistance requests included food, clothing, baby essentials, hygiene, and cleaning items.

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January, February, March 2023

During the first quarter of 2023, we assisted many Native American communities. We couldn't have accomplished this without the generous support of our donors.

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2022 Hope Report

January - December

Fulfilled Assistance Requests: 440

  • 484 Food Packs

  • 132 Cleaning/Hygiene Packs

Outreach runs: 73

GED Scholarships

  • 30 GED practice exams
  • 30 GED exams
  • 13 gas vouchers
  • Youngest recipient: 17 years old
  • Oldest recipient: 44 years old
Hope Reports Archive

Scroll through and view our 2022 work in action.

October, November, December 2022

Native Hope continued its outreach and assistance efforts to different communities throughout South Dakota for the months of October, November and December.

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July, August, September 2022

Native Hope continued its outreach and assistance efforts to different communities throughout South Dakota for the months of July, August and September. 

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June 2022

In June, Native Hope continued its outreach and assistance efforts to different communities throughout South Dakota. Thanks to you, Native Hope continues to create a meaningful impact on the individuals and organizations within Indian Country.

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May 2022

May was another busy month, bringing awareness to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives and fulfilling needs. Thanks to you, Native Hope continues to create a meaningful impact on the individuals and organizations within Indian Country.

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March and April 2022

As spring arrived, March and April were chock full of outreach and events. As we hit the road, we felt those blessing by Unci Maka – Grandmother Earth.

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February 2022

Thanks to our generous supporters, February was filled with giving hope and sharing love. Native Hope assisted with community events and worked with local organizations to help those in need.

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January 2022

At Native Hope, we strive to build relationships with tribal leaders to identify needs better. This month, we had requests from numerous organizations and tribal members throughout the state of South Dakota. Thank you, donors, for supporting us on this journey. We can not do this work without you!

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FY23 Expenses


FY22 Expenses


Hope Reports Archive

Scroll through and view our 2020-2021 work in action.

December 2021

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your generous support throughout the holiday season. Thanks to your help, we were able to make this December and Christmas one to remember for many Native American families.
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November 2021

To kick off the month, we got to celebrate our Akičhitas (warriors) on Veteran’s Day! We received a request to supply cakes and other supplies for Lakota Veterans. It was an honor to be able to assist.

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October 2021

The month of October consisted of many deliveries, the spreading of Red Sand throughout our community and challenging conversations as people asked about the meaning behind the Red Sand Project. 

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September 2021

Over the course of September, we traveled nearly 1,000 miles to provide aid to local reservations! This consisted of delivering over 1,200 boxes of much-needed items to three reservations, supplying three tribal schools with supplies for their students, and providing COVID-19 kits for families in need. 

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August 2021

With the COVID-19 virus resurfacing across the country, it is important to revisit our core values and listen to each other to protect our communities and loved ones. Our mission at Native Hope is to serve and provide direct support to Native communities and families to honor and preserve Native culture and traditions. 

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July 2021

July brought Native Hope and the surrounding communities many opportunities for outreach and flourishing connections. The team traveled nearly 1,500 miles around the state to attend fellowship events and provide assistance for programs and organizations to, in turn, provide for their communities.

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June 2021

COVID-19 directly impacted the Native Hope fellows and their hopes for their fellowships. However, throughout June, several of our fellows started their long-awaited projects.

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May 2021

May gave the team multiple opportunities to expand our horizons. The beautiful spring weather helped us renew and create friendships. 

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April 2021

From delivering essentials to creating remarkable memories, several communities, programs, and individuals felt the impact of our donors’ contributions.

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March 2021

March raced by all of us, but not before the Native Hope team, and our partners were able to do some amazing work. From food deliveries to storytelling, every day provides hope thanks to you!

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February 2021

The month of February saw a much-needed reprieve from COVID infections on the reservations. Only two households requested food boxes, which enabled us to turn our outreach toward the promotion of healing.

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January 2021

Each week we visit with our contacts, tribal employees, and program directors, to determine the needs of the children, elders, and families they serve. Throughout the pandemic, Native Hope and community partners have put dollars into action.

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December 2020

Giving fills the heart with warmth. This holiday season, Native Hope experienced the immense generosity of our supporters and partners. Their joy of giving allowed us to provide toys, food, clothing, natural medicines, blankets, heaters, and more to the Crow Creek, Lower Brule, Rosebud, Yankton, and Pine Ridge reservations.

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Holiday Hope Report 2020

Relatives, on and off reservations, are battling the virus in high numbers—many need support. Native Hope continues its COVID relief efforts in various ways and with the aid of other organizations. These efforts would not be possible without the support and donations from our donors and volunteers. 

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September 2020

In September, our communities experienced a spike in COVID cases. Native Hope continued to assist those in need by donating groceries, cleaning supplies, masks, snacks, and more.

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August 2020

In August, Native Hope supported the local school children and continued to deliver COVID-relief packages to affected tribal members.

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July 2020

In July, Native Hope participated in a local parade for the community children.

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June 2020

In June, we worked to alleviate the needs of the elders of native communities, who often live with several of their children and grandchildren, by providing them with cleaning supplies, baby supplies, PPE, and more. 

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May 2020

In May, we continued to address the urgent needs of Natives through our bundle deliveries.

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April 2020

In April, our efforts helped to address food and other supply insecurities that residents of local reservations deal with.

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March 2020

In response to COVID-19, multiple trips to the local reservations continue to take place to ensure that communities are being supported during these uncertain times.

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February 2020

February was filled with giving hope and sharing love. Native Hope was able to assist with various community events and worked with local organizations to help those in need.

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Watch the video to hear from the Chairman of the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe, Peter Lengkeek, thanking Native Hope for our efforts.

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