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How We Are Empowering Natives Today

Our Projects

Want to know how you can help Native Americans in specific, practical ways? Invest your support in our projects. Through the help of local partners and generous people striving to break down barriers, we can make a difference in Indian Country. Take a look at what we’re currently working on below.

Community Outreach

Back To Basics

Our Back to Basics initiative provides bundles of foundational needs to Native children and families struggling. Join us to provide basic essentials such as diapers, wipes, feminine hygiene products, food, cleaning supplies, and much more to a family in need. 

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Education Opportunities

GED Scholarships

Our partnership with the Lower Brule Community College, in Lower Brule, South Dakota. Will assist Native youth on their first step to higher education. When you give today, your gift will help cover the cost of practice exams, exams, and travel.

"That is always the hang up for most kids is paying for the practice tests and the exam so thank you so much for making this possible. This is one step closer to self-sufficiency for some of our people." - Stacey

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Community Outreach

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In addition to sending cash donations to Native Hope, did you know you could be helping Native American children and families in other ways? The following is a list of ways can provide assistance and make a difference without sending money directly to us.

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Our Programs

Our programs are the long term, ever present ways in which we partner with those pursuing a stronger future for Indian Country. These areas of focus reflect our emphasis on working together with tribes to address root problems and seek long-term solutions. When you give to our programs, you support the backbone of our work, the key areas where Native American communities need consistent help and support over time.

Community Outreach and Mentorship Opportunities

We meet with community members, listen to their needs, and mobilize resources and volunteers to take action.

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We offer opportunities, support, and funding for Indigenous leaders, so they can develop initiatives and improve Indian Country.

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Storytelling Heals

We share stories of struggle and hope, raising awareness about injustice and celebrating the resilience of Native peoples.

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