Our healing begins with storytelling.
And that’s why we tell stories.

Why We Work

We believe in the power of storytelling to dismantle barriers, bring healing, and inspire hope for Native people. Why? Because telling stories of Native struggle and Native strength is a powerful catalyst for unity, generational healing, and personal growth. Each of us has an evolving story which no one else can write. We believe that healing for Native people starts with a vulnerable recounting of where one has been, where one is today, and where one wants to be tomorrow. That’s why we tell stories. And that’s why we need your support!


Where We Work

Native Hope works in Native communities throughout the United States with offices in Chamberlain, South Dakota, and Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Native Hope Media team visits reservations, pueblos, and other Native communities in both rural and urban areas.

Where we work

Fellowship Program

The Native Hope Fellowship Program empowers creativity and leadership in Indigenous Peoples and their communities. The initiative creates and supports opportunities and funding for individuals to develop their vision and improve Indian Country.

Each year, Native Hope will support a group of Fellows with a mission to create an impact for Native Americans.

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Leaders’ Society

The Leaders' Society is a group of Native Hope team members who dedicate 5 hours a week to partner with like-minded organizations serving the needs of the most vulnerable in Indian Country. These partnerships help to empower youth on and off reservations, inspiring the next generation to have a voice, take positive action and become strong leaders for their tribes. This powerful on-the-ground work allows many important stories an opportunity to be heard.


We're building something for our children, our future.

Help Us Bring Healing Through Storytelling

Support us on our mission to tell 10,000 stories of Native hope. We rely on the generous support of our partners in mission — you! — to facilitate environments that are conducive to these restorative recountings. Join the revolution!