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Waylon Pahona, Jr., Hopi & Tewa/ Maricopa, grew up on the Hopi Reservation and is the founder and creator of Healthy Active Natives (HANs). Motivated by his own father’s struggle with poor health and diabetes (a common issue for Natives), Waylon started HANs as a space for Natives of all fitness levels to use positive reinforcement to lift one another even when positive changes seem impossible. Waylon’s journey has motivated and inspired tens of thousands, and his 73,000 Facebook members, from across the continent, cheer each other on.

When the COVID-19 outbreak hit the Hopi Nation in Arizona, Waylon knew he had to help. The Hopi Nation is isolated and still lives traditionally on their land in the middle of Navajo Nation. Their water supply is laden with arsenic and uranium, and fresh water is hard to come by. These Native Hope COVID fellowship funds will help Waylon deliver clean water to his people during lockdown.

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He is a Runner, He is a Warrior

He runs mile after mile, reflecting on life: thinking about his community, thinking about all that he has endured. And as he runs, he grows stronger in mind, body, and spirit.

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Highlights from the Healthy Active Natives Tour

The Healthy Active Natives [HANs] movement has created a place for all Indigenous/Native people to come together in health and wellness.

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