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In the world of professional Mixed Martial Arts, Nikki Lowe stands out as one of the few Native Americans competing in the sport today. A fighter inside and outside of the cage, she continually strives to maintain her cultural identity as a Chickasaw Native and is now focused on sharing her life experiences through motivational public speaking engagements across the country. Her story has been highlighted in various news articles and has been made into an award winning short documentary called LEGACY. Recently, being a mother of two has compelled her to further Boys With Braids, a mentorship program for Native youth. In December 2017, she successfully hosted her first Boys with Braids event in Albuquerque New Mexico where she currently resides with her two children Nokose and Mvhayv. Nikki’s Native Hope Fellowship allows her to share her life story in hopes that it will touch some people and push them to become better people in all aspects of life.

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Legacy Film

A short film about Nikki's fight to heal her body and soul from past trials through professional Mixed Martial Arts. 

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Nikki and the Wolfpack Face Discrimination with Pride

One of our first Native Hope Fellows, Nikki Lowe of the Chickasaw Nation, continues to make small strides within her community that make a difference for Native youth.

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Becoming Officer Lowe—Native Hope Fellow Joins the BIA Police Force

In the beginning of 2019, one of past Native Hope Fellows, Nikki Lowe (Chickasaw) discovered what it takes in her journey to becoming Officer Lowe.

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Seizing opportunities to educate

At the launch of her fellowship program, Nikki spoke with Native Hope’s Ambassador, Kansas Middletent to share her story of perseverance.

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Fellowship: A Valued Connection

For centuries the Native tribes of this continent survived on networking, not only by living in harmony with each other but also with nature—that is fellowship: “a friendly association with earth and mankind, those who share interests.

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Celebrating the Power of Native Women and Native Mothers

Without women there is no hope, no future, no carrying on of tradition and culture. This is why Native American cultures have always honored and respected women, elevating them to positions of reverence and honor in the tribe.

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