Native Hope is made up of a diverse team of Native and Non-Natives working together to dismantle barriers and bring hope and healing through storytelling.

Kim Kontz

Kim Kontz

Office Manager

Kim co-owned and co-operated a small business for many years. Her business background provides Native Hope with solid leadership and organization. She loves the variety in her job and is excited to see the difference Native Hope can make in the lives of Native American. She considers it an honor to be part of such a great team.


Kyal Middletent

Leaders’ Society Coordinator

Kyal brings versatility to Native Hope with his unique set of skills and keen leadership qualities. His experiences living both on and off the reservation profoundly impacted his life and gave him a new perspective on many Native issues. He firmly believes that “our lives become richer when we work together and empower each other toward positive change.”


Trisha Burke

Editorial Director

Trisha enters her third year at Native Hope with a continued belief in its mission to empower young Native Americans. Prior to Native Hope, she taught English and directed theatre for 24 years. Her years as a leader not only in the classroom but also within the community have afforded her a unique viewpoint from which to lead the Native Hope team.