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Join us in providing opportunities and resources to those who need it most.

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We Empower Native Communities

As a Native-led nonprofit organization, we respect the sovereignty of Native nations.

Their leaders and community members know their strengths and how to serve their people best.

We listen first, work alongside, and honor promises made to the Native American people and their communities to offer resources and opportunities that inspire hope and facilitate success. 

Our Efforts
  • Native Hope assists young Native Americans with access to opportunities, support from successful leaders within and beyond their communities, and opportunities centered around empowerment.
  • We offer boots-on-the-ground assistance promoting healthier living and constructive activities for Native youth and their families, such as:
    • Food, cleaning, and hygiene items
    • Supplies to communities
    • Community cleanup
    • Healthy snacks and meals for community events
    • Cultural presentations in schools
    • Youth media training and storytelling project for Nambe youth
    • Backpacks with school supplies for elementary children
    • GED scholarships
    • Basic essentials to those who need it most
    • Christmas presents and holiday meals to Native American children and their families

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Community Outreach and Mentorship Opportunities

We meet with community members, listen to their needs, and mobilize resources and volunteers to take action.



We offer opportunities, support, and funding for Indigenous leaders, so they can develop initiatives and improve Indian Country.


Storytelling Heals

We share stories of struggle and hope, raising awareness about injustice and celebrating the resilience of Native peoples.

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Our Projects

Back to Basics

Our Back to Basics initiative provides bundles of foundational needs to Native children and families struggling. Join us to provide basic essentials such as diapers, wipes, feminine hygiene products, food, cleaning supplies, and much more to a family in need. 

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GED Scholarships

Our partnership with the Lower Brule Community College, in Lower Brule, South Dakota. Will assist Native youth on their first step to higher education. When you give today, your gift will help cover the cost of practice exams, exams, and travel.

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Our Fellowship Program empowers creativity and leadership in Indigenous Peoples and their communities. The initiative creates and supports opportunities and funding for individuals to develop their vision and improve Indian Country.

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Hope Reports

Stay up-to-date with our on-the-ground work through our “Hope Reports” as we reflect upon our efforts within Native communities, highlighting programs, partnerships, and hope in action.

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Voices of Indian Country

Get to Know the Untold Stories

How to Give Hope

Help Us Bring Healing

The best way to help Native American communities is to start by listening. When you give to Native Hope, your support goes directly to projects that communities themselves have identified as important. Join our family of Natives and non-Natives working toward a world without barriers.