Cheyenne Pasha Ziegler, an enrolled member of the Ku Wicasa Oyate, proudly represents not only the Lower Brule Sioux but also recognizes his Navajo and Spanish heritage. It was while living with his grandfather Alfred Ziegler in New Mexico during the 4th and 5th grades that Cheyenne found his love of boxing. When he moved back to Lower Brule, South Dakota, his training continued under Justin Grassrope, Sr. and several other coaches including his uncle. Competition boxing in South Dakota posed many challenges, but Cheyenne prevailed. He graduated Valedictorian and attended Ft. Lewis College in Durango, Colorado where he scaled up and by age 25, Cheyenne turned pro. Over the years, Cheyenne has competed in numerous tournaments all over the country and at every level, from Tuff Man to National Silver and National Golden Gloves Tournaments. Now, Cheyenne is a third-grade teacher on the Pine Ridge reservation and his fight continues. He teaches with the discipline he knows from the ring and his students are flourishing. While Cheyenne continues to train and box, his focus is on training the next generation—someday he hopes to train a world champion. Cheyenne’s Native Hope Film Fellowship gives voice to his journey as a boxer, Native man, and teacher. A documentary film will be developed to highlight his rich experience.


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