1. What is the purpose of Native Hope?

Native Hope is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering a young generation of Native Americans by providing education, protecting at-risk youth and honoring cultural heritage. 


2. What are the ages of the Native American youth your programs help?

Native Hope along with our partners assist children and young adults of all ages. 


3. What areas do you focus on with Native American youth?

Native Hope focuses on providing education, protecting at-risk youth and honoring cultural heritage.


4. What Native Hope programs do you offer?

Native Hope is a unique organization that partners with others to raise awareness about Native American successes and struggles while helping Native youth to reach their goals. You can learn more about our partners at: https://www.nativehope.org/about-us.


5. How do you choose your partners?

Applicant programs and partners must align with Native Hope’s Mission, Vision and Value Statement. We realized there are some great programs in existence doing really significant work, but their impact is limited by a lack of resources. These programs are good at protecting at-risk youth, for example, or providing a safe place for victims of domestic abuse. However, because they are focused on the work at hand, their time, resources or expertise to raise the funds necessary to provide services to those in need are limited. That’s where Native Hope comes in. We partner with great organizations and help them scale their work.


6. Can my organization become one of Native Hope’s partners?

We are always in search of partners that are making a difference in the lives of Native American youth. We value our relationships with our partners and believe our partners themselves know best how to determine their needs and propose solutions for lasting change. Please contact us at questions@nativehope.org to receive more details on how to become a Native Hope partner.


7. How does Native Hope divide up the donations between all its partners?

All partners fill out a funding application with a request for assistance from Native Hope. Within that application they list the specific programs or projects and the needed financial support for those items. Those projects are evaluated by the Board of Directors and a percentage of donations will go to those projects each quarter until they are fully funded.


8. What is your partner funding process?

Our partners apply for funding through Native Hope by filling out the required documentation and funding application. Our grant request and follow-up processes help ensure funds are directed and used for the greatest possible impact. Native Hope receives updates on the progress of the funded programs or projects and at the final completion of the project a full document is received.


9. Do you have a religious affiliation?

Yes. Our organization is owned and operated by the Congregation of the Priests of the Sacred Heart. However, our services are available for people of all faiths.


10. What is your 100% Model?

A full 100% of public donations goes directly to specific programs, including those managed by our partner organizations.


11. Where does 100% of my donation go?

Native Hope currently partners with the following organizations: CASA, Sacred Heart Center, St. Joseph’s Indian School and Wiconi Wawokiya. Each partner applies for funding through Native Hope for specific programs or projects and 100% of your donation will go to those specific projects or programs.   


12. Who is covering your overhead and daily operating expenses?

Our 100% model is possible because of the generous support of a founding partner who has committed to underwrite the administrative expenses of the organization – everything from salaries to computers to office supplies. This partner has strategically chosen to direct their funds in this way because they recognize the power of the 100% model – to give people the confidence that their donation will have a direct benefit on the lives of Native American youth. For any additional questions or for a copy of our annual report, please email questions@nativehope.org.


13. How can I become an Ambassador of Native Hope?

If you are interested in hearing more about our Ambassador program please contact us at questions@nativehope.org.


14. Can I volunteer for Native Hope? 

Yes. We have events and speakers set up throughout the country. Please contact us to see where we will be next, questions@nativehope.org.


15. I want to join this movement with Native Hope, how can I help?

There are many ways to join this movement with us.  Volunteer, share our stories, follow us, connect with us, donate, attend our events, stand with us, share your voice… the list goes on and on. See our 3 Ways to Help page.


16. Can I apply for a job at Native Hope?

Jobs are posted as they become available, please email us at questions@nativehope.org.


17. Does Native Hope accepts other donations?

We currently do not have the ability to accept gifts in kind but all of our partners will be happy to accept in kind donations.

CASA- http://mitchellcasa.org/inkind_donations.aspx

Sacred Heart Center- http://shconline.org/thrift-store/

St. Joseph’s Indian School- http://www.stjo.org


18. Why do you only help Native Americans in South Dakota?

Native Hope is based in Chamberlain, South Dakota. In South Dakota there are nine reservations where some of the highest poverty in our nation exists. We have a journey ahead of us and will start right here in our own backyard with the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota tribes of South Dakota.


19. Is my donation tax deductible?

Native Hope is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation as defined by the IRS.  Our status is granted as part of a group exemption for members of the US Catholic Conference.  Simply, this means all gifts to Native Hope are tax-deductible.

Federal Tax ID is #47-3851180.


20. How does Native Hope offer support to the surrounding tribal communities?

Native Hope and our Ambassadors do our best to stay involved with the local tribal communities.  We have attended and been a part of many events on the reservation, local powwows, domestic violence fairs, meth marches, car shows, etc.


21. What else does Native Hope do? 

Along with assisting our partners in our mission of providing education, protecting at risk youth and honoring the culture and heritage, we have our Ambassador Program and the Native Hope Youth Council which consists of young Native American thought leaders from South Dakota reservations.


22. Do you have a Powwow?

We currently do not have our own Powwow, but we are involved in the local Powwows. Contact us for details and dates of surrounding Powwows. 


23. Are you looking for Native Hope images to use for your fundraising pages?

We have put together some resources for you here.  

 24. Are you looking for a media kit?

Download our media kit. 

For any additional questions please email questions@nativehope.org.