1. What is the purpose of Native Hope?

Native Hope is a nonprofit organization dedicated to dismantling barriers for Native people and to bringing hope and healing through the power of storytelling. 


2. What programs does Native Hope offer?

Our core programs are the Leaders' Society, Ambassadors, and Fellows program. To learn more about these individual programs go to Our Work


3. How can my organization become one of Native Hope's partners?

Partners must align with Native Hope's Mission, Vision and Value Statement. We recognize there are many programs in existence already doing significant work, but their impact is limited due to a lack of resources. We are open to working with new partners that are making a difference in the lives of Native Americans. If you are interested in forming a partnership, please contact us at questions@nativehope.org to receive more details on how to become a Native Hope partner. 


4. Is my tax donation deductible?

Native Hope is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation as defined by the IRS. Our status is granted as part of a group exemption for members of the US Catholic Conference. Simply, this means all gifts to Native Hope are tax-deductible.

Federal Tax ID is #47-3851180.

For any additional questions or for a copy of our annual report, please email questions@nativehope.org


5. I want to join this movement with Native Hope, how can I help?

There are many ways to join this movement with us.  Volunteer, share our stories, follow us, connect with us, donate, attend our events, stand with us, share your voice… the list goes on and on. See our Ways to Help page.


6. Does Native Hope accept in-kind donations?

We currently do not have the ability to accept gifts in kind but all of our partners will be happy to accept in kind donations.

Sacred Heart Center- http://shconline.org/thrift-store/

St. Joseph’s Indian School- http://www.stjo.org


7. How does Native Hope offer support to the surrounding tribal communities?

We stay involved with the local tribal communities in numerous ways: health fairs, 5 and 10k runs, basketball tournaments, culture crafts, computer coding camp, back to school supplies, and much more.  Our largest project involves a partnership with the Crow Creek Tribal Housing Authority and the BIA Social Services of Crow Creek. Native Hope led a campaign to raise funds to remediate meth houses. Currently we are raising money to help the Boys and Girls Club of Lower Brule purchase a van.


8. Are you looking for Native Hope images? 

If you're running a Facebook fundraiser, you'll want to view these resources, or you can take a look at our media kit


For any additional questions please email questions@nativehope.org.